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Innovative Textile Technologies for Social and Environmental Impact.

Location / London

Budget / Private

Completed / Ongoing



Founded as a Clean Tech product, Tectyle is an innovative low carbon lighting solution for the developing world.


Research shows that vast majority of the developing world is living in off-grid locations, that are cloaked in crippling darkness resulting in high criminal activity and low literacy. Such areas are often remote, usually very poor and mostly inaccessible. Kerosene is commonly used as a fuel to circumvent this problem and to illuminate homes and shops. However, Kerosene is poisonous when burned and on average consumes 60% of peoples monthly wages. With the lack of power getting to such areas, Tectyle aims to provide a solution by eliminating dependence on fuel or power by using renewable and sustainable energy.

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Safia Qureshi is currently developing up a team of innovators to take Tectyle towards a scalable product. To join the team, please contact the London studio.

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