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An association dedicated to a particular interest or activity around cups

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Launched at London Design Festival 2015, CupClub is a reusable cup designed for UK retailers to transition to the circular economy. 


The UK discards over 2.5 billion single use paper cups annually. Disposable cups are 95% cardboard and 5% polyethylene which requires specialist recycling to separate. Paper cup manufacturing generates around 1.3 million tonnes of Carbon Dioxide emissions annually. Without a closed loop system, manufacturing single use paper cups is increasingly damaging our environment.  

CupClub offers a circular cradle-to-cradle solution to this problem, alleviating the city of excess waste and unnecessary pollution, with a vision to change the future of take away drinks. The aim is to create a safer and healthier community culture. 


Animation to demonstrate how CupClub works in the context of a city. Cups are designed for re-use.

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Safia Qureshi was invited to talk at Disruptive Innovation Festival 2015 on the subject of single use manufacturing and how to innovate towards circularity. Safia was also one of the Royal Society of Arts summer residents as part of The Great Recovery 2015.


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