Carrefour | karfur |


1. (routier) crossroads sing  

2. (figurative, économique, culturel) crossroads

être à un carrefour to be at a crossroads

Location / Harare

Budget / Varies

Completed / Ongoing



Exhibited as part of Venice Biennale 2014, Crossroads seeks to design low-cost sustainable solutions for roadside vendors by emphasising access to clean water, sanitary considerations and renewable energy.


The "vulnerable economy" or informal sector is very important to people living in the Global South. In Zimbabwe this trade accounts for close to 46% of the economy. However the built environment where this trade takes place is often a result of the resourcefulness of people rather than the careful consideration of urban planners or architects. At most road intersections in Africa one is likely to buy credit for one’s mobile phone, the day’s newspapers, shoes, vegetables or even furniture. These small stalls define African cities in the same way that convenience store like 7eleven or large stores such as Tesco, Walmart and Carrefour do elsewhere. The project leverages the skills of these traders – who usually construct their own stalls – allowing them to continue to create their own spaces.

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Maxwell Mutanda was invited to speak on a panel organised by South of North at the 14th International Architecture Exhibition, Venice. The panel consisted of contemporary Nordic and African Architecture practices with a focus on socially committed Architecture. 


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Prototype components for Washbasin and Drinking fountain - Steel bucket, steel pan, rope, clasps and hooks, hose, plastic bottle, battery, small lamp and bolts. 


Assembled repurposed objects assembled using minimal manual labour to produce a prototype for a road-side washbasin and drinking fountain. 

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